Image credit: Melissa Meyer Photography

Hi there,

I’m Lucia

My passion for what I do is never-ending, and I feel extremely blessed to live my dream.

I completed my photography degree in 2013 but I’ve been behind the D’amor camera since 2011 and have met the most wonderful people on my journey.

With every shoot, my aim is to deliver photos that are vibrant, warm and filled with natural light.

I love to make people feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera so that I can capture that rare and natural spontaneity.

I enjoy a good cup and love spending quality time with my family.

My love for interior shines through in my photos. Creating that perfect setting adds to the holistic feel of tranquility.

I can’t wait to meet you!

   Image credit: Melissa Meyer Photography

More about D’amor Photography

At D’amor Photography we focus on what you want. Whether you want us to create a visual brand identity for your business so that it speaks to your target audience, or elegantly capture your special memories and celebrations forever. We work with your ideas and won’t stop until you’re happy. 

Our angle is fun and simplistic. That’s why we use natural light and create settings to match your style. We love working with clients who are eager to grow and speak directly to their target market. Creating a visual brand identity will set you apart from the clutter and will allow your potential clients to connect with your brand on another level. 

For us, weddings mean romance, elegance, intimacy, and a whole lot of fun. We’re experts at capturing all the different emotions so that you can look back on your special day and feel all those special emotions again. We’ve got the creativity and the experience, and we’re ready to throw it around like confetti.  

From whimsical weddings to business brands, we can’t wait to make your wildest dreams come true. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make magic happen.


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